New Warren Pinnacle Consulting, Inc. Paper

PLOS ONE has published our manuscript “Evaluating the costs and benefits of marsh-management strategies while accounting for uncertain sea-level rise and ecosystem response”

That paper is available here:

Additionally, the final project report has been released by NYSERDA. It may be found as the topmost link on our project web page:

Please let us know if you have any trouble accessing either of these documents or have questions about any of the data or research in the documents or on the project web page.

We hope that the DMMT tool created will continue to be useful for policy makers in estimating which climate-change adaptation strategy will be most effective on a site-by-site basis (given model and data uncertainty).  As a reminder, the tool, and the model that created the data underlying the tool, and all project data are open source and freely available.

Additional WPC Publication

As promised, here is the “sister paper” for the AQUATOX Deepwater Horizon injury assessment:

Establishing nearshore marine injuries for the Deepwater Horizon natural resource damage assessment using AQUATOX

Full text is available through September 28, 2017.

We are currently working on our next manuscript regarding the decision making tool we call DMMT:  (

Best regards!   Jonathan

New Warren Pinnacle Consulting, Inc. Paper in Literature

Establishing nearshore marine secondary productivity baseline estimates for multiple habitats in coastal Mississippi and Alabama using AQUATOX 3.1 NME for use in the Deepwater Horizon natural resource damage assessment

This link will bring you to the full text for free until July 27, 2017.

Note, a “sister paper” describing the injuries calculated by AQUATOX will be made available within the next month.

Best regards!  — Warren Pinnacle Team

ISEM Global Conference 2016

The International Society for Ecological Modeling is holding its annual meeting May 8-12 at Towson University (MD). Among the compelling symposia on the agenda, two may be of particular interest to our clients and colleagues:

For those interested in presenting, we strongly encourage you to submit an abstract. These will be accepted until October 16.

We are looking forward to fruitful interactions with and among participants!


Gulf wide Application of the SLAMM Model

While the Gulf-wide application of SLAMM project is still having some final touches added, we do have an update for those interested in this model application. Jonathan Clough, WPC president, gave a  Lunch Webinar to the Gulf Coast Prairie Land Conservation Cooperative (the project funder) in February and the webinar can be viewed on YouTube.




Our recent webinar “Application of SLAMM to Connecticut and New York” is now online!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to attend our webinar on February 25th. The presentation focused on interpreting SLAMM results, both from the deterministic and uncertainty model outputs.

A recording of the presentation and the slides are available for download here.We are grateful to the EBM Tools Network and OpenChannels for facilitating and archiving it!